Insight to Astronomy

Imagine yourself on a clear, dark, moonless night, far away from the glare of city lights. As you gaze upward, you see a sky, silent and jeweled with the constellations of ancient myth and legend – a view that no image can truly capture. Literally, thousands of stars are scattered from one horizon to the next, inspiring wonder throughout the ages and boggling our imagination today.

For thousands of years, people looked up at the heavens and contemplated the universe and its mysteries. Like the ancient people who gazed at the stars, we, too, find our thoughts grasping for answers to questions about how this vast universe was created. Where did the Earth, Moon, and Sun come from? What are the planets and stars made of? And how do we fit into the bigger picture?

In response to this awe and wonder, the science of astronomy was born. People have sought answers to questions about the universe since the earliest of times. To wonder about the universe is a human endeavor that fuels our desire to explore and discover and our need to understand and reason what we have observed. Astronomy, the oldest of all the sciences, is an observational science.

I hope you find enjoyment in looking up and admiring the awe and wonder of the night sky.

Moments by Mark Video Montage

A collection of images captured through Mark A. Brown's cameras and/or cameras and telescopes.